The Epitome of Tedium

If you see any typos in this post, its most likely because I screwed up my keyboard

After getting fed up with how filthy my keyboard was I decided to clean it today. I took out each key, one at a time, then washed and dried them, one at a time. Getting the keys out meant that I also got to see what was under them, and boy was I surprised.

There was the largest collection of hair I have ever seen. I was actually pretty proud that I only found 1 bread crumb though. I never realised I was that careful with my food.

Putting the keys back in place was the most fun of the whole process… it was like a new kind of puzzle. I replaced all the keys by memory. Some of the less used keys I only figured out because I pretended to type words with Z and X and just looked to see where my fingers tried to go. The only keys I couldn’t remember were the ” keys and the orientation of the ‘{‘ and ‘}’ keys.

So, now that its all cleaned up, I don’t feel disgusted to use my computer anymore. There is one problem that I am noticing while writing this post. My shift keys are a little screwed. The one on the right doesn’t even work anymore, and the one on the left only works sometimes. The clips might not be in properly, guess I’ll have to pop them off and see what the trouble is.

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