The Future!

Yesterday I had something… I am not sure what it is called, an epiphany maybe? Or a EUREKA moment.

Well, it was something like that.

It started off as me trying to run an idea by Perrone about a new idea I had for a cell phone game (to get into it briefly, it is basically a 30 minute long version of Civilizations that you can play from start to end while waiting in line at a restaurant or movie or something).

The conversation somehow switched over to his marketing project, which he explained to me many times but I never really understood the value of such a service (I’ll get into details later). That is, until I said something that was eventually the spark to my epiphany. And that started a 45 minute tangent that ended with us (well me anyways) deciding that I was going to be VERY VERY rich.

The details, without giving away any details, is that I am going to build a website that interacts both over mobile phone internet access, text messaging and regular internet to provide the top secret service that I will not divulge at this time.

To get started on this, plus to satisfy a lot of curiosity that I have had, I purchased a book on how to build scalable web sites [Building Scalable Web Sites]. I am getting very excited about this project, and unfortunately that means that my other projects that I have already been neglecting are going to get put on the back burner officially now.

On a side note, I just noticed that Firefox 2.0 has built-in spell checking. As I typed this message, I made a couple typos that I would have otherwise not noticed, but Firefox placed a nice little red line under them telling me that they were spelled incorrectly. So, I now feel obligated to tell you to go download this wonderful browser for yourself.

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