The Home Stretch

Its that time again! Classes are over, and exams are about to begin. I’ve got my first exam tomorrow evening, and then my last two on this coming tuesday (the 14th). After that I’m a free man!

This will leave me lots of time for World of Warcraft and my Tauren Druid, Nogoda (see below):

<a href='images/wow/retail/nogodaL.gif'

On that note, I’ll also have more time for hopefully. That site seriously needs SOMETHING, maybe to fill it up I’ll give my friends access to post whatever the hell they want. But that’ll take a lot more back end work to setup. So, then it becomes a choice: 1) Level up my Druid so I can crush puny alliance players, or 2) Develope a website. One of these choices is a constructive and productive one… but who cares for that? I just want to have fun 🙂

On a side note, the iPod is working out great, and I put up my christmas tree yesterday.

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