TheDump Goes LIVE!

Well, after almost a full week of labouring over it my new site, TheDump, is ready for public consumption.

It is basically a type of ‘community blog’. Anyone with an account can post links, and give a short description about it. These links can be anything (well, within reason and morally acceptable by certain standards that I deem fit) from the internet that you find interesting, fun, funny, or just need to show somebody.

I finished everything that was necessary for the site to function on its own. All that I will be doing to it is maybe giving it a facelift, and/or adding in a few features that might make it a little more interesting.

If you wish to participate please drop me a comment under this post with your e-mail address, or contact me on msn (you can find my info in my About link) and I will get you all setup.

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