TheNoodleman plays The Kinks

Well, I got a little bored today, mostly when the World of Warcraft servers disconnected me for no apparent reason, so I decided to record a bit of what I’ve been playing.

For the majority of yesterday and today I’ve been trying to learn Lola by The Kinks. I’ve got all the chords down for the verses, and I’m a little shaky on the bridges and other little fills. So what I’ve done is recorded the intro and first verse so far… problem is once you start recording yourself you never play it very well, but really I never play it very well anyways. So you’ll hear a few little screwups here and there.

Hopefully you can recognise it, and there are no vocals because the guitar was hooked right into the computer, and besides I doubt you’d want to hear me sing anyways.

John plays Lola

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