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Well, this is something I never thought I’d really be talking much about… but since I REALLY don’t want to work on my assignment and I’ve run out of things to procrastinate with (a common theme on this site) I’ve decided to toss out a few plugs for my friend’s websites that I am currently hosting for them.

In alphabetical order… – Jonathan Perrone aka Otrant has recently launched v2.0 of his design. I’m pretty impressed, especially with the humorous comments he has on his miscellaneous page. – Paul asked me to put together a site for him and right now I’ve got little to no time to do anything… but I was able to put up what you see there right now in a relatively short time. Once school is done I’m going to make it all snazzy and dynamic. Its going to be a good exercise for me to learn AJAX and some other fancy tricks that I can put into a portfolio of sorts. – I have been hosting this one the longest I think. Andrew needed some space to throw stuff up onto and I had plenty to spare, and thus began my makeshift webhost responsabilities. He’s got pictures of his geckos and xbox mods on his site, and I think he mentioned something recently about redesigning the site… but I kind of like the green on black binary background.

And that ends the tour of our facilities here. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I think I’ll try to make regular updates when these guys make changes to their site, just so I have something to write about. I’ll definitly be giving updates on the redesign of since it’ll be at the top of my priorities list once school is done, and I’ll really have nothing else to talk about… except for the tedious task of finding a JOB!?!??!?

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