I’ve put a new link in the nav bar on the right, and along with it a new page called ‘Toolbox’.

Right now it is just a list of a couple programming languages that I know and the two database systems I’ve worked the most with (I did a bit of DB2 in university, but it was mostly just ANSI SQL stuff, so I don’t really know anything specific about DB2).

I’m going to have links to a bunch of resources that I’ve used to learn those languages both for my sake when I need to look them up, and for others’ in case they want to find out more info.

I’m also going to be using that to link to code that I’ve written. Either just snippets of code, or actual projects that I’ve worked on.

It is pretty empty right now as far as content goes… no code or resources, but I’ve got a preliminary list up and I’ll probably be adding to it (not sure I want to list VB .NET there… it might ruin my street cred).

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