Total Shock

I came home from school today very tired, and wanting to hurry up and move my computer… oh yeah, I forgot to mention the new plan. I decided to move my computer into my bedroom to give my dad some space of his own in the den.

So I was almost dreading the move, because it involved a lot of lifting and walking up and down stairs. So, imagine my SURPRISE when I found a FedEx box sitting in my computer chair direct from Apple Computers in San Fran-fricken-cisco.

It took me a good 2-3 hours to actually open the box though because I had to move my computer. But since then its been REAL fun. I transfered all my files and charged it up in almost no time at all. First track I listened to “Time” by Pink Floyd, one of my all time favorite songs.

Well, I’ve been trying to log into World of Warcraft but it keeps disconnecting me, I hope it has nothing to do with my wireless connection. The signal quality has been pretty unstable, going from Very Good to Very Poor. I need to find some way to get the signal to travel better. Right now the antenna is buried behind my computer.

Anyways, until next time… adieu.

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