Trying to get back into it

Lately I have been losing interest in this project… its mostly because I know I can get it done and exactly what I have to do, so there is no more challenge just tedious coding. But still it needs to get done, otherwise all of this work will have gone to waste, and it will look like I am all talk and no action.

So in an attempt to renew interest in this game I did a ton of work on the interface today! That is probably the single most tedious part of this whole project, and it is almost done. All that is left is to create the artwork then the interface part is done. Then it’ll be onto the client/server connection and communications, then TESTING!

Here is the basic interface so far, minus artwork:

That is probably all that I will get done tonight. There is another hockey game on tonight and then tomorrow I’m going to Buffalo. So, it looks like this is all that I will get done period for the next couple days. I’m afraid to make a deadline for when this stuff will be done because I know for sure that I’ll just miss that one too.

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