Trying to kick an old habit

This friday I gave in to one of my most primal desires… the purchasing of hockey cards.

For many years I had abstained from such actions as proof to my parent’s that I wasn’t addicted. Two years ago, though, I jumped back on the wagon at A.J Sport Cards in Woodbridge.

Since then I had managed to quit, but yesterday I gave in again. I went to the Canadian National Sports Card Expo at the International Centre. And I’ve got the fever again. Its like christmas day, when you sit down at a table and open each pack of hockey cards, hoping to find your favorite player or a rare insert.

I also managed to pick up the new Jimi Hendrix McFarlane figure for a very cheap $10. Afterwards, I went to see “The Incredibles” with my cousin. It was pretty good, but it did have quite a few slow parts.

Today, I went to the Vaughan Mills Mall and found the Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic toque, the one Jose Theodore wore ontop of his goalie mask. I had to buy it because I missed the opportunity to a couple months ago and the store had sold out.

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