Up and Running

Well, I think this is now officially my 4th server move… 3rd due to circumstances out of my control.

The first server move was because I needed more control and features. Rogers hosting was crap… it basically just served html pages. They had a CGI-BIN but you couldn’t write your own CGI scripts, you could just use the pre-packaged ones that they gave you.

So from there I moved on to Oktagone. I’d provide a URL but I think they went bankrupt (or maybe only running out of Australia now I don’t remember). I was thrilled with it until he jerk got into server trouble and was shutdown. Which prompted the 2nd server move.

This time to FuitadNet. I’d provide a link but I hate those jerks. I don’t want to direct any traffic to them under any circumstances. They were okay for the first while… I think I was with them for a long time. I don’t really remember. What I do remember is the crappy uptime I was getting near the end.

So I made my 3rd move, which was towards Vizaweb. Vizaweb was recommended by a podcast website I really liked so I figured if they have their business they’ll be around for a while. And I was pleased with them. I was there for 4 months. Until they started to get into problems. One of the partners left and hijacked the domain name, I almost left then but it got resolved so I stuck around. Then last week’s downtime was the last straw. So I took off.

Now I’m at Media Temple. The site is pretty slick, and the setup even slicker. I’m on a ‘grid server’ setup, which basically means I’ve got thousands of servers at my disposal. They measure usage in terms of Grid Server Units. I’m allocated a certain amount of resources a month, and if I go over that I have to pay a little extra per unit… but the thing with this is the setup is completely scalable. Its the perfect setup to have when I decide to start working and publishing my web app that I will be working on (once I get through this Building Scalable Web Sites book).

I’m hoping the next move I have to make is because of a need for capacity. I really have a lot of faith in Media Temple right now… they host Starbucks and Nike just to name a few. So I doubt they’ll be having funding issues.

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