USB Cable Cometh

Just before I left for class today I heard the doorbell ring. When I went to see who it was, there was nobody there.

I opened the door to look out, and noticed a tiny package on my doorstep. I smiled. When I picked it up, I saw my name on it. I smiled again.

It was the usb cable for my phone. It had finally arrived, and not a moment too soon! When I got back from class today I quickly setup the software, hacked my phone a bit with some crazy Motorola flashing software and uploaded a sample game I got from the Sun/Java wireless toolkit.

So, now I’ve got all weekend to put together some kind of game. I have a good feeling that I can easily put together a relatively simple game of briscola (considering I already have the game engine written for my big online graphical version). All that really remains to do for this mobile version is to create some AI and then make a graphical interface. Although for the time being I am willing to settle for text based.

for example:
Computer plays: 6 of bastone
user plays: 3 of bastone
User wins hand!

something cheesy like that.

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