Vellore City and Facebook

So I did a bunch of work over the last few days making a Facebook application to show (soon to be Sportivo Manager) player stats on the Profile page.

It took about 2 hours to figure everything out and eventually learn to write a simple app that pushes FBML (Facebook’s custom subset of HTML) to a user’s profile page after they’ve added your application. So that was my Friday night starting around 1am, and going to about 3.

Saturday I cleaned up the pages a whole bunch because they were ugly and very error prone if you did things in the wrong order. I didn’t want to have to deal with people asking me questions or complaining that they got errors when adding my app, so I really wanted to make sure that nothing screwed up. I still took a few shortcuts in a few places, but I think they are fairly safe for now.

Sunday after Vellore City’s 2nd win of the season, and my 2nd goal of the season, I wanted to make sure I could get the player stats to update on each player’s facebook profile page so they weren’t forced to look at old stats until they physically went and re-linked their profile with their user account. Right now it is a manual script I will have to run once every time I want to push updates, but I think I can semi-automate it somehow so it only runs when it needs to.

So, for now I have 2 possible next steps:

  1. Add new features to
  2. Write a new Facebook app that will appeal to a much broader subset of the Facebook user population instead of just people on my soccer team.

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