As of 9:13pm tonight has officially launched!

I created the site for my soccer team, so we can all keep track of our stats and also as a place to put up pictures of our games.

It is still a work in progress and I’ve got a lot of features I still want to add (for example: player logins so they can modify their player page), but for what it can do now it seemed like it was worthy to launch.

This website is somewhat of a test of a bigger idea that I had about a couple of years ago, and then again a year ago, to create a web application for tracking leagues (either fantasy leagues to make running a hockey pool with my friends easier, or an actual soccer league to make checking stats and match results from my soccer league easier) online. I’ve temporarily branded the product ‘Sportivo Manager’ (you may notice the ‘Powered by..’ link at the bottom of… I hope to, at some point, build it into a stable, robust web app and hopefully get the guy who runs out league to start using it, and then possibly market it to other leagues and make some money off of it.

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