Very late

Its very late, and I want to go to sleep… but I also equally want to write this post.

Well, its official. I’m hooked on World of Warcraft again. But this time I’m going to try and control it.

I’ve run into a bit of a computer problem, in the midst of all the upgrades I’ve done it seems like I’m going to have to throw in another. My power supply has decided to break, kind of. The fan doesn’t always want to come on, which is causing massive overheating problems. And when the fan finally does come on the air coming out of it is very painful to touch.

So, I might make a trip down to Infonec in the next day or so.

Other than that I haven’t had a chance to play Halo 2 yet. I’m in the situation where I have to choose WHICH addiction I feed: World of Warcraft or Halo 2. I think I might do something with alternate days… who knows.

sleep sleep sleep, yawn yawn yawn.

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