Very Very Small redesign

I haven’t been completely pleased with the look of my website. When I decided to do the redesign about a month or so ago I had big plans, but once I got the layout done I sort of just settled for these ugly white boxy things to hold my text. I want to have more of a rounded, soft, blendy look to this site. So hopefully sometime soon, when I get some more time, I’ll start experimenting with the look of these white boxes. Right now what I’ve done is compact the info in the titles into a single line, and moved the date and time to the bottom of the post. It kind of looks a little cleaner now I think.

I also picked up the new David Gilmour album on my way home from class today. It sounds so much more amazing than the version I had ‘acquired’ on the internet. The cd packaging is also pretty unique… probably the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen for a cd. It is the same material that you’d find on a hardcover book. It is bound pretty much like a book, and the liner notes are the pages. The cd is on the back… and instead of one of those crappy plastic cd holder center thingies that always break, it has a piece of foam holding the cd in place.

In other news… I had my grad photo taken today. The closer I get to actually graduating, the more it is starting to sink in. I’m almost completely done school. 10 years ago I would have been thrilled at the prospect, but now its very strange and sometimes scary. I could of course go into graduate school (provided I could get accepted) to postpone this, but I don’t really have the desire to.

I should probably get back to working on my Operating System Design assignment… I’ve been procrastinating enough. I got a 2 day extension on this thing, and the last 2 days I have done nothing. So I really have to get some work done because it is due tomorrow night.

Since I started this post AC Milan scored 2 goals. Either they are really good (ha ha) or I’m really slow. It is now 4-1 over Bayern Munich.

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