“VoIP with Jonage!” – Phil Esposito

Thats right… I’m sure you’ve heard about VoIP (Voice-over-IP) one time or another. I’m sure everyone has seen those Vonage commercials.

Well, I ordered an SPA-3000 SIP Gateway adapter for, so I can setup an Asterisk voip server in my own home! But they sent me an SPA-3102 instead. Now, from what I’ve read the 3102 is one model better than the 3000, and the 3000 has been discontinued anyways. So I guess its not a bad tradeoff… except that it appears the 3102 is $17 cheaper than the 3000. So I’m trying to get a little credit back from the store. Even a store credit will suffice, because I’m sure I’ll be buying a Wifi phone sometime in the very near future.

Now, why would I want to setup a VoIP server at home you might wonder? Just look at the possibilities:

  • Answer incoming calls to my house from anywhere in the WORLD for free over an internet connection
  • Make free local phone calls (local in terms of local from my home) from anywhere in the WORLD for free over an internet connection
  • Signup for various VoIP services over the internet to receive considerable discounts on long distance calls (essentially connect to a phone line in any country in europe for a few dollars a month and make local calls there for free)

Ontop of all that, I can setup voicemail, and various other services all manageable over the internet.

I probably won’t be able to find the time in the next few days to set all this up, so it looks like I have my weekend planned for me.

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