What a day…

Hoooooly CRAP!

I just finished a 5 hour GRIND on my User Interface assignment. Probably more than 5 hours… got home at 5, worked for an hour, ate dinner at 6 then started back up at 7. I then worked STRAIGHT to 11:55pm, 5 minutes before my assignment was due.

Between me and the 2 guys I’m doing this assignment with, that was like a 15-20 hours between us. I’ve never done anything like that, I still feel drained, tired, but in another way very WIRED!

I should try and post this assignment up, its really cool. But probably not very much fun for someone to play around with. Its a simulation of a restaurant Kiosk. We had to simulate 2 things: The responsabilities of the waiter, and of the kitchen. The waiter’s screen adds orders, and the kitchen then checks the orders off as completed when they’ve finished cooking. Then we have to print off a bill.

It is A LOT more impressive than it sounds, trust me!

I’ll try to post up somemore songs this weekend, but for now I’m going to go play some World of Warcraft. I have been neglecting it the past few weeks.

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