What a relief

I fixed it… I actually managed to get myself out of that mess. And I couldn’t have done it without Partition Table Doctor 3.0.

I was really desperate. I had gone through 2 other disk utilities before trying out partition table doctor. It was my last hope and somehow it pulled through. It instantly detected my missing partition and fixed the partition table for me. I was extatic! Well, not quite. It didn’t actually fix it because I was running the demo version. It doesn’t actually do the writing. I had to buy the damned thing. So, $50USD later, and another 15 minutes of scanning and it was done. I could boot back into Windows!!! After this I quickly backed up all my important files (including BRISCOLA!!!). I also used another tool from iRecovery to scan the rest of the disk and try to find remnants of the other partition that wasn’t able to be saved. I managed to get a bunch of stuff that I never would have been able to find again. Then I backed that stuff up too, reformatted the drive and reinstalled windows.

So, now I’m running on a fresh setup. Hopefully all the problems I was having before with my ATI TV won’t surface again (but I don’t want to jinx it — knock on wood — ). Actually, I think I just knocked on some laminate or venier, so it might be jinxed.

Now, I can focus on my essay again… just 2 more days until its due!

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