What I’ve Got On My Plate

I want to say this stuff now so I’ll remember it all. If I wait until tomorrow I might miss something

So, I’ve got a few ‘projects’ up in the air right now:

1) My Java Baseball game — Its something I have been planning for a little while now, but haven’t started doing. I was tossing around the idea of using it as a mini-project to help me learn to program in C#.

2) Learn Cocoa (Mac OS X) programming — I recently picked up the Mac Mini, and learning to program in its (native) language would be a nice thing to have on the ol’ resume. Maybe I’ll make that Baseball game for the Mac instead?

3) Sharpen my C skillz — it is starting to look like I’ve got a theme here… programming. A friend of mine (plouj — he doesn’t have a website, so I can’t link to one for him) said he went through the “The C Programming Language” book and did all the exercises, and it really helped. So I think I should do the same.

4) Mess around with GarageBand — real easy to use music/audio editing software. Maybe I’ll write a song or something.

5) A dynamic photo gallery, created in either PHP or JavaScript (or with both) — my dad wants to have a way to show his friend’s all the pictures he took from the Alaska Cruise he and my mom just got back from. So I figured, why not use this as an opportunity to do more web development. The more crap I can stick in a ‘portfolio’ the better, right?

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