What to say?

Today was kind of a weird day, I didn’t get much done and it went by real quick… except for this one part where I was in the hospital but I’d rather not talk about that.

I’ve been thinking about buying Resident Evil 4, its been getting some really REALLY good reviews. But buying might not be too smart, because I’ve still got World of Warcraft on my plate. So maybe I’ll just rent it and leave it at that.

I made some changes to the Blog Archive. If you go you will only get 5 posts at a time, starting from the very first post. Then at the bottom you have the option of returning to the homepage, going forward 5 posts or going backwards 5 posts. This will cut down on the loading time for that page by several orders of magnitude. All I have to do is get the spacing on the forwards and backwards buttons right.

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