Whistle While You Work

I tend to listen to a certain type of music while I am doing coding of any kind. It tends to be stuff like wacky space rock, progressive or alternative rock, or anything that sort of fits that kind of mood. Sort of a digital sound, or something that you’d expect to hear in the Matrix I guess.

For a long time my answer to this was Radiohead. Whenever I’d be working on a project I’d blast my three favorite albums out through iTunes: Amnesiac, Kid A and OK Computer. Hail the the Thief would get caught in the middle, just because everything is sorted in alphabetical order.

Well, recently I’ve started listening to another band instead (not as a replacement, but just for sort of a ‘break’). This band is Broken Social Scene… I was made aware of them by the same friend who got me hooked on Metric. And as it turns out, these two bands are like best friends. Both growing out of the Toronto underground scene (as far as I understand it).

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