Word of the Day


I have no idea why, but that word has been in my head for the past couple of days. No idea where I heard it, and no idea why or how I could have heard it.

Google’s definitions tell me:

– one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another

– One who has successfully completed a Coup D’etat.

As for the project/page I previously said I was working on… It is coming along quite nicely. I’ve implemented everything from my list that was mandatory, except for the user’s features (like logging in, and searching based on user). Once I’ve got that all working I’ll probably hand out account by hand, to keep some kind of control over it. Then I’ll start testing out some kind of voting system, as well as little code widgets for people to stick on their own websites.

This little project has turned out to be tons of fun building. The only frustrating part is the design… I’ve been learning CSS over the course of this and I wish I had the balls to start it all over, but I’m a lazy bugger.

On another note, I just got an e-mail from Apple saying that my Mac Mini has shipped. So its only a matter of time!

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