World of Warcraft, 3rd time around…

And this time it counts

On my way to class today I picked up World of Warcraft. Today is the retail launch, and after playing both the Stress Test and Open Beta I’m ready to take the plunge and start paying for this game.

Right now I’m trying to force my way back into the game. I ran into some heavy server lag (along with the thousands of other people in-game) and my character got stuck and I coudln’t do anything. So I had to log out and not it won’t let me back in 🙁

While I was at Best Buy I also picked up the 3rd Harry Potter movie on dvd. And to continue their trend with giving away gifts on dvd release day, I got a yellow harry potter t-shirt which even if it DID fit me I wouldn’t ware.

Well, I’m going to try to get back in the game.

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