Yay For Standards Compliant Sockets!

Java is awesome, C# is way sexier on Windows PCs, and using sockets between the two is EFFORTLESS!

I just re-wrote my Java chat server in C#. It seemed easier to do than to try to get C# code to call Java code. So as of right now I am reviving my server project… but I don’t know what it is going to be exactly, which is why I’m calling it the “What Can I Do With a Server” project.

The guy who does one of the blogs that I read is writing a MUD (MultiUser Dungeon – Google it if you still don’t know what it is). I thought that might be fun to do, but kind of lame for me to just do what someone else is doing, especially because he’s already spoken about all the design problems and how to fix them. So it wouldn’t be any fun for me… just boring old implementation.

I am thinking of just making a crappy little 3D world (and by world I mean a very tiny boxed room) where people can walk around (by walk around I mean move your box representation of yourself around with the arrow keys) and chat with people. This will let me get into both socket programming AND polish off my OpenGL skills. I might even substitute that with DirectX if it seems more feasible. And after that is done I should have a great framework for what has been my motivation to get through my Computer Science degree… making an MMORPG. Thank You DRANSIK!

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