You Really Got A Hold On Me

The tight grip that World of Warcraft had on my life seems to have been lifted, and my saviour? My Fender Stratocaster.

I started playing my guitar again, as noted in the last post, a couple of days ago. Since then I’ve been hooked. I haven’t played World of Warcraft all day today, and I was only on for about half an hour yesterday. I think I have finally seen the light! This has been a very religious experience for me…

Now, don’t get any ideas and think that I want to become a musician now. I still suck, but its just so much fun playing. I’ll have some new mp3s for you all once I get a few kinks (not the band, but actual kinks) out in my recording process. I’ll have “The Man Who Sold The World”, the intro to “Rebel, Rebel” (these Bowie songs are for you Paul), and hopefully “American Woman” by the Guess Who provided my ring finger stops hurting… I have been unable to play the D and E chords (i think thats what they are) for it because of this burning pain and lack of strength in that finger.

So, wish me luck and hope that I get full strength back in that finger so I can once again wail away on the guitar.

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